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תחקיר: חשיפת הקשרים בין רע"ם לחמאס

תחקיר: חשיפת הקשרים בין רע”ם לחמאס

The RAAM Party is just the part of the multi-armed Islamic imagination, whose every arm leads to terrorist organizations. The associations for the martyrs, straw companies and a coalition party – these are all parts of the mechanism for transferring the money to Hamas and other terrorist targets in Gaza, Judea and Samaria, Turkey, Syria and Muslim countries in Africa. RAAM, which is a full member of the southern faction of the Islamic Movement, tried to hide its activities against Hamas and other terrorist organizations behind concerns about Israeli Arabs and crime in the sector.

Due to the public’s willingness to believe in Mansour Abbas’ innocent discourse, the Islamic Movement has not even bothered to remove from social media the records of Abbas’ visits and other members of the PM in Hamas’ offices in Gaza. The investigation reveals a network of arms that extends from the Knesset building to Hamas offices in Gaza, through Turkey, Syria, Sudan and other places that are less known in their fight against terrorism. The huge sums rolled over by Mansour Abbas, Walid Taha, Ghazi Issa, Ali Kutani and at the time also Said Al-Kharumi, come mainly from foreign sources, most of whom are confidential and understand what is not – some were outlawed for supporting terrorism.


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